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Biocontrol Agents

We are one of the prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Biocontrol Agents in the market. The range of Biocontrol Agents that we offer includes Trichogramma Card Biocontrol Agent and Biocross Biocontrol Agent. Biocontrol Agents are used for controlling, destruction and regulation undesirable insects, that hamper the growth of plants.

We are our own insectary where we rare Corcyra for Trichogramma parasites and Chrysoperla predators. Clients can buy these from us by advance booking.

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Trichogramma Card Biocontrol Agent

We are a well-known Trichogramma Card Biocontrol Agent (Trichogramma Wasp’s eggs) Manufacturer and Supplier in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The Trichogramma Card Biocontrol Agent also known as biotrick is a card mounted with viable eggs of a friendly wasp trichogramma which is an egg parasite of many caterpillars that attack


Biocross Biocontrol Agent

Biocross Biocontrol Agent (Chrysoperla Carnea Eggs) is a one of the significant Bio-agents that attack and feed on other insects harmful to crops. The Biocross Biocontrol Agent is predacious friendly insect that feeds on soft bodied insect pests which attack the field crops. This friendly insect is called Chrysoperla carnea.