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We are one-stop destination for availing Biofungicides. The Biofungicides that we offer include Biohit Biofungicide and Biomonarch Biofungicide. Fungus causes various diseases to the crops which can affect the yield. The Biofungicides that we offer kill fungus and restrict its growth fast. Our Biofungicides are made available at the affordable prices.

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Biohit Biofungicide

We have a product Biohit Biofungicide (Trichoderma) which contain the spores of Trichoderma viride which works as antagonistic fungus and protect the plant’s root system against diseases caused by soil born plant pathogens and some parasitic nematodes. It is a very potent microbe which can control serious plant diseases


Biomonarch Biofungicide

We are a well-knownManufacturer and Supplier of Biomonarch Biofungicide (Pseudomonas Fluorescence)which is a formulation of pseudomonas flourcsence - a very potent microbe that not only cures serious plant diseases like damping off, scab, root & stem rot and blights but also controls some species of nematodes. Biomonarch