Indore Biotech Inputs and Research Pvt. Ltd.

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  • HPLC Instrument to determine the percentage of Azadirachtin in neem oil formulation.
  • Farmer’s training centre.
  • Dead caterpillar having fungal growth over it
  • Farmers Training programme arranged by company.
  • Farmers training on in house preparation of vermi compost.
  • Rearing of host insects for production of Trichogramma Eggs (Bio-control agent).
  • Healthy fruiting of Sorghum.
  • Vermi compost beds.
  • Healthy earthworms responsible to produce vermi compost.
  • Our Managing Director is giving information about rare crops.
  • Marketing manager is giving information about our products to farmers.
  • Technical team of company with farmers.
  • Visit of Sweden students.
  • Our product’s result - large sized pumpkin.
  • Company products stall in ‘Krishi Mela’.
  • Our product’s result – Papaya tree laden with fruits.
  • Harmful insects catched in Pheromone trap 


  • HPLC

  • Agricultural Training

  • Catterpiller Having Fungal Growth Over It

  • Farmers Training

  • Training on Vermikhad

  • Rearing of Insects

  • Healthy Fruiting of Sorghum

  • Vermikhad Beds

  • Healthy Earthworms

  • Rare Crops in India

  • Marketing Manager with Farmers

  • Discussion with Farmers

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