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Pheromone Traps & Lures

Pheromone Traps & Lures

Clients can buy Pheromone Traps & Lures from us. We are a prominent Pheromone Traps & Lures Manufacturer and Supplier in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The Pheromone Traps & Lures are mechanical devices that catch the grown up stages of nocturnal insects which spread the population of crop-damaging larvae and caterpillars. The lure is installed inside the Biotraps. Pheromone Traps & Lures catch and collect male moths of destructive pests like helicoverpa, spodoptera, pink bollworm, diamond blackmouth, fruit fly, stem borer and brinjal borers. Pheromone Traps & Lures are boon to farmers for monitoring insect activity and population; and thus can be termed as the best and timely plant protection method.

With us Septa/Lures are available accordingly for helicoverpa armigera (American Bollworm), Spodoptera litura (Tobaco caterpiller), Pactinophora gossypiella (Pink bollworm), Plutella xylostella (DBM), Erias vitella (Spotted bollworm), LO (brinjal fruit & shoot borer), Scripophagas incertulas (rice steam borer), etc.


Packaging Details : 4 lures per aluminium sealed packed pouch