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Plant Growth Promoters

Catering to the requirements of Agricultural sector, we bring forth different varieties of Plant Growth Promoters. The Plant Growth Promoters, offered by us, are Humihit Plant Growth Promoter, Tonup Plant Growth Promoter and Indozib Plant Growth Promoter. These Plant Growth Promoters are prepared under the strict supervision of quality controllers. The Plant Growth Promoters are free from any sort of harmful additive. The Plant Growth Promoters can be availed in different packaging quantities from us. We are a renowned Plant Growth Promoters Manufacturer and Supplier in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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Tonup Plant Growth Promoter

Ours is the reliable name involved in the manufacturing and supplying of highly effective Tonup Plant Growth Promoter (Triacontanol). Our Tonup Plant Growth Promoter (Triacontanol EW 0.1%) contains Triacontanol which is a fatty alcohol found in plant cuticle waxes. It is a powerful growth stimulant for plants, which helps in


Humihit Plant Growth Promoter

Humihit Plant Growth Promoter (Humic Acid) has 12% rich organic (carbon) complex aromatic macro molecular with amino acids, sugars, peptides, aliphatic compounds involved in leakages between aromatic rings. The typical humate molecule contains free and bound phenolic and carboxylic acid groups, quinine structures and nitrogen


Indozib Plant Growth Promoter

Indozib Plant Growth Promoter (Gibberalic Acid) is a water soluble powder formulation of Gibberellic Acid. Indozib Plant Growth Promoter is an efficient plant growth promoter for cereals, cotton, vegetables, grapes and fruits. Indozib Plant Growth Promoter improves crop quality through better retention of flowers, enhancing the