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Sphuranu Biofertilizer

Sphuranu Biofertilizer

Sphuranu Biofertilizer (Phosphate Solublilizing Bacteria) is crop-friendly microbe that dissolves the phosphate fixed in soil and makes it available to crops. Sphuranu Biofertilizer brings about great savings in fertilizer application. Besides, Sphuranu Biofertilizer gives additional vigor to the root system of plants, makes available various hormones, vitamins and enzymes to plants boosting their growth and productivity. Crops that get benefited with Sphuranu Biofertilizer application are wheat, jowar, maize, paddy, cotton, arhar, soybean, gram and other pulses, groundnut, potato, tomato, chilies and other vegetables, grapes, mango, orange, banana, papaya, sugarcane etc. Sphuranu Biofertilizer can be used both as seed dresser and for soil treatment.


Packaging Details

  • Powder : 1kg, 3.5kg, 5kg, 25kg bulk
  • Liquid : 1ltr., 500ml, 250ml

Additional Information

Product Code IB-30