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Tejas Biofertilizer

Tejas Biofertilizer

Tejas Biofertilizer (Bioinoculant kit) is a formulation of unique, friendly fast decomposing microbes, Aspergillus fumigatus, Trichoderma reesie, Pseudomonas alcaligens,Bacillus megaterium. Tejas Biofertilizer converts hardy biomass into fertile humus. With the help of Tejas, biomass of every type like grass clippings, cowshed waste, straw from fields, weeds, leftover food and feed gets converted into manure in 45-60 days. Tejas Biofertilizer is a boon to farmers in the form of organic manure.

Packaging Details : 1 kg & 5 kg

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Product Code IB-24